Providing Custom Dining Chairs & Seating To The Trade For Over 20 Years

Although Carrington Court sells direct to a wide variety of customers—ranging from individual consumers to the hospitality industry to commercial interests—we hold a special place in our heart for designers and decorators. The reason behind this is that we have so much in common. As a member of the trade, we understand that you have unique needs. You offer your customers distinctive advice based on their individual tastes and decorating demands. To meet those needs you cannot settle for the ordinary, and that is where we can help. At Carrington Court, we specialize in customization. It’s what we like to do. Our styles are just a starting point and within a very few limitations, you can turn them into your own custom creations.

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Pick From Over 200 House Fabrics or Send In Your Own

Your choice of fabric can make the difference between creating a run-of-the-mill design to giving your client something extraordinary. It is impossible for us to stock fabrics for every contingency, but our buyers do their best to provide a selection that is comprehensive—providing a wide selection of styles and textures, while keeping a broad color palate to ensure you can find something to fit almost any environment. We currently offer a choice between over 200 house fabrics and over a dozen high-quality aniline and semi-aniline leathers.

However, we know that even with a wealth of fabrics from with which to choose, it is impossible to have the perfect fit for every situation. That’s why we accept Customers Own Material (COM) orders at no additional charge. That gives you the flexibility to give your client the ability to have custom upholstery made in any fabric to which you have access. There’s no need to settle. No need to select from a dozen earth tone variations like some of the well-known catalog companies try to push on you. Create exactly what you want. The choice is yours.

Add Trims, Borders, and Contrasting Fabrics

Let’s face it. There is nothing new under the sun. Humankind has been making furniture for thousands of years. Just about every piece of furniture made today is derivative of something else. Some of the dining chairs we sell today have origins that go back several hundred years. That makes it hard for you to give your clients something that feels fresh. That is why we strive to give you flexibility in enhancing the upholstered chair styles that we offer. Options include but are not exclusively limited to:

  • Contrasting fabrics — Use a complimentary fabric on the seat, outback, or any area that you want to contrast.
  • Custom Trims and Borders — Use specialty trims or choose a unique border color to bring out the lines of your custom upholstery.
  • Nailhead Trim — Replace borders with your choice of nailhead trims or add custom designs with hand-applied nails on the in-back or outback of most styles.
  • Add specialty elements — Add tassels, cording, fringe, or even furniture pulls. We can accommodate almost any request.

Mix and Match Design Elements

Consider our designs as a starting point. Many elements of our furniture can be interchanged between various styles. Would you like a camel back on a chair with a straight back? No problem. Chippendale legs on a design with tapered legs? We can do it. Add a skirt? What about arms? In most cases these are not obstacles. So don’t feel constrained to the chairs you see on our website. You have a lot of latitude when it comes to the final product. Just call one of our Design Consultants and we will do everything possible to accommodate your wishes and give you the ability to create something special for your clients.

Get The Right Size for Your Customer

Although we cannot create a frame from scratch, we do offer some variability in the sizes of our upholstered seating. For example, most side chairs can come in three different widths. This allows you to meet your customer’s needs, not only to accommodate the size of their space, but also the size of their body. Back height is also an area that we can increase or decrease. Back heights have been requested as low as 36-inches, all the way up to 48-inches. Seat height is a little more involved since that is often dictated by the height of tables, but in general we can usually add an inch or two in either direction. Needless to say, in most cases we can satisfy most of your size requirements. To learn more, we are only a phone call or email away.

Drop Ship or Consolidate

We want to make shipping the least of your worries. When working on a large project, you are more than likely working with several (possibly even dozens) of vendors. Trying to get all your orders to the right place at the right time can be a real chore. To make your life a little easier we offer a variety of shipping options:

  • Drop ship directly to your client.
  • Ship to a warehouse or consolidator.
  • Choose from fast shipping via common carrier or opt for white-glove home delivery for a slight upcharge.
  • Unlabeled shipments
  • Short-term order storage. We can hold your order in our warehouse until you are ready to receive it.
  • Delivery date coordination.

Use Our Black Label Program to Create Your Own House Brand

It is you that has the special relationship with your clients. You’re the brand. Your customers are concerned with your talents and experience. Often the end user is more interested with the quality and meticulous craftsmanship of their furniture than the actual manufacturer. This gives you an opportunity. Upon request, we can leave off all identifying tags and labels, in essence giving you your own line of upholstery. You still get the same great service and warranty from Carrington Court and you get to work directly with us to get well-crafted customized designs that allow you to realize an additional revenue channel. We even extend this to shipping through the use of unmarked boxes, retention of all branded paperwork, and by using your name on the shipping labels.

Placing A Large Order — Get A Custom Quote

Although our prices are already wholesale, we try to remain flexible so that you can stay competitive in going after those large projects. Do you have a huge, whole home decoration project you need to tackle? Furnishing a four-star restaurant? Searching for seating for a country club? If you are planning to order a dozen or more chairs, gives us a call and we will put together a quote especially for your project.

See What Our Customers Say:

The chairs far exceeded my expectations...and are much nicer than anything I looked at in stores and at a far lower price.

Upon delivery of her Curved Back Dining Chairs with Brown Cherry finish.

Linda - Tomball, TX

The chairs are beautiful and absolutely exceed my expectations. I have enjoyed doing business with you.

About their purchase of Parsons Chairs with a Triple-Pleat Skirt.

Bob & Karen - Washougal, WA